1. What is Autonio ?
Autonio is a decentralized AI trading system.
2. What is NIO?
NIO is an Ethereum ERC 20 token used as fuel in Autonio ecosystem / application.
3. Can the Autonio team access the strategies used by the members on the platform?
No we cannot access any of your personal info as it is decentralized and application is self hosted.
4. How much funding did you receive from ICO?
We raised 180 ETH or about $54,000 at that time.
5. Do i need coding skills to use Autonio?
No, you don't need any special coding skills to use Autonio, any non coder can do AI trading with Autonio's easy to use GUI.
6. How can I buy NIO? I don’t know how to use EtherDelta nor I have Ethereum wallet.
You can buy NIO on EtherDelta now which is a decentralized crypto trading exchange. We are working on adding to Bitcoin exchanges where you can buy NIO with Bitcoin.

you can watch this video to understand how to trade on EtherDelta https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzpeEuPMsL8
7. Why is Autonio better than other similar looking projects?
We are the first of a kind decentralized AI trading application which is not controlled by a central admin, we have many new features in the application which is very new to crypto.
8. What will be the new member registration fees? What is the monthly fees to use the platform?
There will be a $20 worth of NIO paid as 1 time registration fee in the Autonio network and $50 monthly recurring fee in NIO tokens that will be utilized as fuel to run the Autonio application.
9. How much is the circulating supply?
65,828,135 NIO is the circulating supply.
10. The monthly membership fees will be locked up for how long? And what will happen to them?
All the NIO tokens used for monthly membership and Autonio network registration will be locked away in smart contract and burned effectively reducing the supply.
11. What happens to unsold tokens after Token Sale?
About 35 million NIO tokens were burned post token sale, and 35 million NIO was evenly distributed among token sale buyers according to the contribution they made.
12. Why one should invest in NIO? What is the idea behind it? How can its value increases with time?
NIO is used as fuel for Autonio application and the supply reduces in time with more users using the platform, it will benefit the Holders. However we do not guarantee any value increase of NIO tokens, it is up to the market to decide what price it is willing to pay for NIO tokens.
13. When the fully working app is going to be released?
We are targeting to release the full working application by the end of November 2017.
14. How about the API once Autonio is launched is there a setting up i need to do with the other trading platform where my account is for both to work/communicate?
You will need to input your exchange api in the application in order for it to trade in your exchange.
15. How many and which exchanges will support Autonio?
As of now we are trading on EtherDelta and we are working on adding to Bitcoin exchanges.
16. How many language options does it have?
We will be having the Autonio application in English and Chinese.
17. In the final app, will we be able to see on charts exactly how our values of our chosen indicators effect the buy and sells?
yes, you can always backtest your strategies rigorously before applying the settings for live trading.
18. So I have found some settings which are working for OMG/ETH, in the last month 230% is enough for me, but how safe are this backtest to say ok the next week will this strategy work well again or is this the point where the AI is coming in the game?
We cannot guarantee that you will make profits but it does increase your chances of succeeding to make profits in trading, we would suggest you to backtest the strategies and forward test it before applying for live trading.
19. Where are Autonio team tokens?
Autonio team tokens 154,638,654 NIO are locked in multisig wallet at 0xf2cCc772596db904F4f77290BB21Ada3B00a8A08 escrowed by James Drake of Embermine and Michael Morton of GNEISS

All the funds are locked in multisig wallet smart contract and can be checked by anyone


Any decision of moving funds after 6 months will be notified to people and after public consensus the decision will be finalized.
20. What will happen once all the tokens are burned?
We will only burn upto 80% of the total NIO token supply.
21. What is the correct smart contract? What should we do with the old contract?
The main smart contract is https://etherscan.io/token/0x5554e04e76533e1d14c52f05beef6c9d329e1e30
any other smart contracts used in presale etc should be ignored as they are not used in trading now, only the smart contract in 0x5554e04e76533e1d14c52f05beef6c9d329e1e30 is the official NIO smart contract.
All risk of trading is on user. Autonio does not take any responsibility on profit and loss of users.
Crypto market past performance does not necessarily predict future results.